Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I've been highly disappointed with this winter. Now don't get me wrong, I love 60° weather just as much as the next guy, but I also love me some good hardy winter weather. I love the snow and the way it has of covering the world and making it look brand new. I love walking outside all wrapped up cozy and having the chill nip at your nose a bit.

But you know what I love the most about winter? How excited it makes me for spring. I feel this way about every season. I love living in Utah because we have 4 very distinct seasons with very different tempertaures.
When it's spring, I get so excited for summer and the sun and swimming and freedom.
And once that gets old, I get so excited for fall, with it's crisp air and beautiful colors.
And then I can't wait for that first snow fall and sledding and cuddling inside with hot chocolate.
And then once winter becomes dreary, I get excited for spring and the warmth and new life.
And then it starts all over again.

But with this failure of a winter we've had here in Utah, I haven't even been excited for spring, because it's kind of felt like spring since the beginning of January!
However, it has not been all bad, the warmth has allowed for so many fun outdoor adventures! Utah is a beautiful and fun place, even when it's winter and everything is dead. So here's some pics of my hiking adventures with the brothers.

And then here's this moment when I found the one patch of snow left on President's Day. Happy Fake Winter, ya'll.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Color Code.

Have you heard of the color code personality test? More accurately the Hartman Personality Profile? It's a brilliant little 45 question test created by Dr. Taylor Hartman in his book "The Color Code" which divides personalities into 4 different colors: red, blue, white, and yellow. And I LOVE it.

The social scientist in me can't get enough of learning about different personality theories. I love reading different explanations about what motivates people and why they do the things they do. And I think that the color code is a pretty accurate explanation. My friends and family can attest to the fact that I can not stop talking about it and making everyone I know take the test. I just want to know what makes them tick!

So, let's chat about personalities!

Reds are motivated by power.
Blues are motivated by compassion and relationships.
Whites are motivated by peace.
Yellows are motivated by fun.

My results are: 1 red, 8 blue, 23 white, 13 yellow

So I am very strongly a White-Yellow personality. And after having read through the book, The Color Code, I AM ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CONVINCED THAT THIS IS ACCURATE. Seriously, the more I read the book, the more I found myself nodding my head and telling my mom or my roommates, "oh my heck! Listen to this! I do this!" It's always cool when you can put your personality into words.

I am such a White personality. I have had people get so frustrated with me because I couldn't make a decision. Truth is that I really am just always willing to do whatever everyone around me wants to do. I am perfectly content to just sit around and do nothing, or go out and party and be crazy, or anything in between. I just enjoy being around people and doing whatever it is that they enjoy. This has sometimes lead to some difficult moments in my life when I've realized that I don't know what I personally like to do. In high school and even a bit in college, I just kind of absorbed the personalities and interests of those that I spent my time with. I always had fun and enjoyed myself, but one of the biggest things I had to learn in my college years was who I really am and what I really like.
This is honestly one of my favorite and simultaneously least favorite things about myself. Because I have such a White personality, I can get along with pretty much anyone and have fun doing pretty much anything, which I think is awesome. But at the same time, I am constantly having to check myself and make sure I'm being true to who I really am and sometimes I even have to force myself to have an opinion about things or make a decision and thats really hard for me.

I love people. I love being around people and I kind of lose my mind and get antsy and depressed when I am by myself for too long. This makes so much sense in relation to BOTH the White and the Yellow parts of my personality. The Yellow portion of me craves having fun and being social. And this is really helpful to the White portion of me because on my own I can get kind of boring and can't ever think of anything to do and I need people around to motivate me to do things and be social. As soon as I am around people, even a small group of people, I immediately feed off their energy and become really fun and social, which is my favorite version of me.

Okay, I honestly, I could go on forever analyzing my own and other's personalities, but I will stop there. All I have to say is:
Seriously, take the test. Read the book. And let me know what your results are!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I'm back and I know things

I have not written on this blog in quite a long time. I just honestly didn't have anything to say. I feel like I go through spurts of having all these opinions and thoughts and insights, and having a great desire to share them. And then I have times where it seems pointless. But recently I've felt the desire to get my words on a page again because sometimes that is the best way to sort out my thoughts and my feelings. I think this is why I initially started blogging. Also because I think I'm hilarious.

Well, I'm back. Who knows how long it will be for; it could be forever or maybe just this one post, I don't even know yet.

But here are some things I do know:

I do know that I have a lot of thoughts running through my head all the time.
I do know that life is so weird and doesn't turn out how you expected.
I do know that being unemployed is a party for about a week and then it is the worst.
I do know that I have become obsessed with twitter in the last 6 months.
I do know that I want to get on a plane right now and I don't care where it goes, I just want to explore.
I do know that I FINALLY moved out of Provo 2 months ago.
I also know that I'm living in my parents basement and it's so weird, good but weird.
I do know that youtube can teach you to crochet.
I do know that it's possible for netflix to be a good friend.
I do know that my brother comes home from his mission in 4 months.
I do know that I have the best friends in the world.
And I do know that it is possible to be happy no matter what is going on in your life.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Why I've developed a very strong dislike for iPads. And realized how convenient they are.

In my job at the library, I am the sole person in charge of the iPad checkout program. This means I keep track of the signed loan agreements, I keep the iPads clean and in good condition, and I wipe and refresh the iPads in preparation for the next checkout. And some days, iPads make me want to scream.
I have never really worked with technology, other than my own iPhone and laptop, which I honestly don't really know anything about. Yet, when I started this job they just threw is at me and and said, "Good luck figuring out Apple products. MWAHAHAHA." No one else knew how to work the program, so they just gave it to me and ran.
I've decided that my main problem with Apple is that they are so simplified and "user friendly" that when there is a problem with a device, then it is impossible to expose the main issue.

I have student employees come ask me questions about how to fix the iPads , and my answer is always a chuckle and "I don't know..." They think I know all the stuff, but in reality I just play around with it until it works and I have no idea what I actually did. And some days I have a line up of multiple iPads that all have different problems that I need to fix and the students just laugh at me because I get so flustered.

Having said all of this, I think iPads, or any tablets really, are a genius bit of useful technology. I always felt that tablets were just useless because between a smart phone and a laptop, why would I need another piece of technology that does the exact same thing. But iPads are so much more convenient than laptops. I've even considered just getting a tablet with a keyboard when my laptop finally dies. Maybe not an iPad... but some sort of tablet.

I've become reminiscent about my adventures with the library iPads because Friday is my last day at the library. I am training one of the students how to troubleshoot the iPads and he's realizing that I really have no idea what I'm doing with them. He asks questions and I give him multiple options that I've tried in my attempt to fix the problem. It's always nice when someone finally appreciates the fact that I'm just make it up when asked for help.

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