Saturday, October 29, 2011

We like to party.

Wednesday was the celebration of my birth. It was pretty normal day: work, class, funny friends, eat, try to nap. But then the night came and life got exciting.
Kendra and I bought tickets to the So You Think You Can Dance live tour back in July. This was my birthday gift to myself. It was a brilliant move on my part. The day had finally come and this is our excitement as we were leaving the apartment that night:

We have a tradition of eating Chinese food while watching SYTYCD, so naturally we ended up eating Vietnamese food while driving to the SYTYCD tour. We were in a hurry, so I had to eat on the road. Don't worry, we didn't die.
**Edit: in response to the many people that were freaked out by this picture, I must offer a word of reassurance. 1- I was only eating at red lights. 2- I put the food away once we got on the freeway. 3- hahahahaha! I promise I'm not a terrifyingly dangerous driver. End edit.

Then we finally arrived. This is our ecstatic faces right as we got to our seats. Note the SYTYCD sign directly behind us. Yeah, we had ballin seats.

Then they danced and I went crazy. It was AMAZING! This is when I splurged (again) and bought myself a sweet t-shirt:

These human beings are so incredibly talented. It just amazes me what they've trained themselves to do and I love the fact that they are sharing their talent with me. The show was amazing! I love my Kui, and I'm so happy that she went with me! This is when we met Mitchell (one of the amazing dancers) and he gave me a hug because I said he was adorable. It was great.

So basically. I lost my voice. I watched some dancing. My mind was blown. I laughed a lot. I danced a lot myself. And my birthday was FABULOUS!
And then that night when I got home, Kaylee and I decided to have our annual all-nighter. Here's a sneak peak picture just to spark your excitement and curiosity:

Friday, October 21, 2011


Why do I clog? Ok, that was hilarious. I def meant to say: Why do I blog? but naturally I ended up asking the cosmos why I clog. It's a valid question. I have no answer, if you have an answer for me, then please, enlighten me. End of typo-induced tangent.

Why do I blog? (this is the real question) I think I really enjoy hearing myself talk, but sometimes I don't want people to think I'm as crazy as I actually am, so instead of talking, I type. However, I hate the word blog. It's ugly and sounds like someone is choking. They should probs name it something else. I'll think of something and let you know.
Another reason I blog: I think I'm hilarious. I have decided to be generous and share my hilarity with the general population. I don't thank me, I know I'm fabulous.
I used to have people I knew all over the world. Kaylee was in London, Grandparents were in Uganda, Gimps was in Cambodia, and Lyse was everywhere. I blogged to keep them updated. And stuff. But alas, they have all returned to me and the great state of Utah, yet I continue to blog. So I guess I blog more for myself than for them.
Yes, I think this world is wonderful. Life is hard, people cry, hearts get broken, and people are mean. But in all reality, this world provides some spectacular experiences, the best of friendships, and joy beyond belief. I blog in order to remind myself of the joy in life. Yes. Life is good. And I don't want to forget it.
So I blog. Not having one specific reason, just hoping that I can preserve a portion of my life in text.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Within the next week:
Annual Epic All-nighter
Fam Pics
BYU football - most especially Riley Nelson's hair
Me 21st birthday (apparently I talk like a pirate now)
&& So You Think You Can Dance live tour!!!!

If only I had no homework. Then life would be perfect

Something else great about this week: I have teenage mutant ninja turtle finger nails.
They will eventually have eyes. And my thumb will say TMNT. It will be great.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Fall. Autumn. Football. Colors. My birthday. Rain. Puddle jumping. Beauty. Hot chocolate. Excitement. Galoshes. Cozy blankets. Movie watching. Thanksgiving. Sweaters. Jackets. Cardigans. ALL fall clothes. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. More football. Halloween. Boys wearing flannel. Fabulous scarves. Partying. Carving pumpkins. New seasons of my favorite shows. Leaves in the canyon. Cornmazes. Raking leaves. Jumping in leaf piles. Raking again. Wind. Boots. Moccasins.
Seriously, I just love this season. I wish it was longer.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fake fall.

Sometimes I absolutely can not focus on studying. Even if I have a midterm tomorrow. So I write blog posts instead.
I love fall. But some days fall forgets to show up and it hands the torch to winter. And by torch I mean icy frost.
Today was one of those days. It was beautiful. Just not fall.

Monday, October 3, 2011


So I hang out with Harold every night. Literally. Every night last week. In fact, I'm with Harold right this second. You would think that our relationship would be getting stronger, but alas, it is the exact opposite. The more time I spend here, the more I decide that Harold and I have a love-hate relationship. Emphasis on the hate. You could say I spend an unhealthy amount of time with him.
Harold tries to offer me everything I could ever need. Yes, he does have an exorbitant amount of knowledge to share. And yes, he does occasionally allow for some hilarious memories. But overall, my time spent with Harold is anything but enjoyable. In fact, it might even be called painful. He forces me to do homework more than the normal person should. He makes me sit in uncomfortable wooden chairs. I've been told he plays music late at night, but he's never played it for me.
I definitely would love to tell Harold that I never want to see him again, but it's just one of those relationships that I am forced to continue. Sadly.
Harold, you see, has many names. He is also known as the HBLL. Or, for you non-BYUers, the Harold B. Lee Library.
We have a rocky relationship.

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