These are some of my favorite youtube videos. People really are awesome and creative and talented and hilarious. Please enjoy.

Neature Walk

So You Think You Can Dance - Melanie and Marko - Season 8

Harry Potter Friday Parody by The Hillywood Show

Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll!

So You Think You Can Dance - Alex and Twitch - Season 7

"I Love Jesus But I Drink A Little" - The Ellen Show

100 Words You Could Say Instead of Swag - Watsky

Conan Rocks Man-Jeggings: Unfortunately, this video is not on youtube, so I'm struggling to put the video directly on here, but click the title of the movie and follow the link. You will not regret it. I cry of laughter every time I watch this.

Guy On A Buffalo - Episode 2 (Orphans, Cougars & What Not)

Going to the Store - normal guy, normal walk.

Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone Lip Sync Battle

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