Saturday, April 28, 2012


Volleyball is life.
Seriously, if I could play volleyball every minute of every day for the rest of my life, I would do it for sure.
You know what volleyball-oriented thing I especially love at this time of year? BYU Men's Volleyball. Really though, it is exhilarating and fun and just all around excellent.
The season is now over, which saddens me. But I will certainly be watching reruns on BYUtv, because they have those quite often. And let's get real, I'm already looking forward to next volleyball season! The games really are that much fun. Cheering, dancing, laughing, and watching some AMAZING volleyball - all of my favorite things.

So for now, I will just content myself with playing volleyball every chance I get. It truly is the best sport in the world. So if anyone ever wants to play, I'm all over that. Seriously.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The joys of reading days.

Hello world. I'm alive. Mostly.
Yesterday was the last day of classes for the semester. Celebration.
Today was one of the reading days; those blessed days when you're supposed to have nothing to do except sit and study your head off for finals. Finals start on Saturday.
Here's how today was supposed to go: go to work, be productive, work on some take home finals, do a decent amount of studying, go to a ward party, and then chill for the rest of the night.
This was a great plan. It wasn't overly busy, just the right amount of school work. Sadly, this is not how today actually went.

Let me just give you a little look at what I did today:
Worked all morning. Success. This is the only thing that went as planned. 
At noon I settled onto a computer to start my paper, but then got a craving for Chinese food.
I proceeded to drag my roommate to Rice King to watch me eat said chinese food. She had already eaten, so she sat there studying Spanish while I ate. It was delicious. Definitely satisfied that craving.
By now it was 2:30 in the afternoon and I was back in my apartment, ready for action. Then what was supposed to be a 30 minute pre-studying nap turned into an hour and a half sleep-fest. Don't ask how that happened. My day was quickly slipping away from me. I couldn't handle anymore distractions. I REALLY needed to get working on these things.
So naturally from 4 to 6 I sat and watched my roommate cook chicken and I plotted and chatted and did other generally unproductive things.
Needless to say, it is now 11 at night and I have no idea where my day went or how I possibly came up with so many ridiculous ways to procrastinate my studying. And naturally I am writing this blog post instead of attempting to get a little bit of headway on my work. 

Such is the life of me, your typical, procrastinating college student. I know I will end up studying my butt off and I'm pretty sure I will do decently well on my finals, but I just like causing myself more stress by procrastinating things until the last minute. Yeah, how fun.

Wish me luck on finals. I'm going to kill them.

Jennie out.

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