Monday, June 27, 2011

Weezer just makes me so happy.

It doesn't matter my mood; Weezer just plain makes it better.

If I made music, it would sound like Weezer music.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to tire of listening to Weezer. Then I laugh and recognize the truth: that would never happen.

Today's piece of advice: go listen to some Weezer.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I choose pirates.

It is the eternal battle. Everyone must take sides at some point. It is one of those things that is simply inevitable. This is the never ending debate/war/competition between ninjas and pirates.
Maybe it's just my friends and family, but I have been asked to take a stand in this debate many times. I have never been able to come to a conclusion. Until now.

I choose pirates.

I thought it would be a difficult decision, but when it came right down to it, I looked at the facts and it was quite easy. Don't get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for ninjas, and would undoubtedly become one if I had the ability and/or opportunity. Also, not be stereotypical, but ninjas are typically Asian, and sometimes I think that I have more Asian friends than the typical white Utahn. So, moral of that story is that I love ninjas.

However, pirates are the winning party in this situation. I have defeated my fair share of ninjas in my time, but I can't say that I have ever defeated a pirate. Probably because I couldn't. And that right there is a substantial argument. But wait, there's more! Think about it: pirates are rad! They just chill out on ships for incredibly long periods of time and then instill fear in peoples hearts when they decide to come ashore. Also, the orchestra played a Pirates medly at the Bingham High School graduation this year, which I interpreted as encouragement for those grads to go out and pillage and plunder. A most excellent message, if I do say so myself. Also, I suppose it's meant to be an insult, but I find it hilarious when pirates say "wench." So all in all, pirates are just the best. Unbeatable, really. Plus, it's way more fun to say that you're stealing booty than to say that you're kicking booty.

No, my opinion on the matter will not bring the everlasting debate to a close, but as always, I had to put my two-sense in. Ninjas vs. Pirates. Always a good conversation starter.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

World Traveler. In theory.

Someday I will be a world traveler.
I will travel the globe.
I will see the sites.
I will go on adventures.
I will meet the people.
I will eat the food.
Someday I will travel the world.
But that day is not today,
So I will travel the Utah.
It can provide me some adventures as well.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lever's are Funny

If you know me, then you most likely know my family. And if you don't know my family, well then you're missing out, but I can assure you that you pretty much already know them because they are exactly like me. We just plain crack each other up all the time. Probably the most accurate description of them would be this:
My family is the funniest group of human beings I have ever met.
Really though.
I just spent the last 3 days on a stay at home vacation with them. This was most likely the best thing that has happened in a while. I wish that people could just follow us around and see the ridiculous things we do and say. I am always entertained by my family.
We saw some Asians, a lost goat, and a huge tire at Kennecot Copper Mine. We fit 6 humans in a tire at the Copperton Park. We made a spontaneous stop at an arcade, stuffed our faces with pizza, and I played more than my fair share of skee ball. We hiked Ensign Peak and got THEE most beautiful view of the valley. We sang/made up songs while being accompanied by the subtle sounds of a uke. We alpine slid down a mountain. Twice. We laughed a ridiculous amount. We took a brief reprieve from each other about halfway through the vacation. Half of us nearly died while hiking up to Timp Cave (ok.. mostly Dad, Adam, and Kade practically ran while I nearly died. Still fun though.) We became airborne via an outrageous number of trampolines. We cheered for the Bees of the baseball variety; we don't appreciate bees of the insect variety. We celebrated Christmas in June, except the celebration was only in the form of cheesy Christmas music and a skinny Santa in red shorts throwing candy at us. We were attacked by gnats while viewing a spectacular fireworks show (really, it was incredibly splendid). And most of all we enjoyed the fact that we are the most entertaining family. All in all, I say it was a successful weekend. Well done parents.
I adore my family.

And now for the photographic proof:

This tire was not as big as it appears. It was a squeeze.

Sometimes we pose on tires.

We are unique.

I win at skee ball.

The reward of the hike.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My life is a musical.

Once upon a time I watched High School Musical(this was not one of my finer moments), and as terribly cheesy and ridiculous that piece of cinematic entertainment was, it made me come to a conclusion. I would just straight up LOVE to have my life be a musical. If people burst into song and dance everywhere I went and whenever something important happened, I would absolutely adore this. I would also probably feel more comfortable, because I'm pretty sure that I tend to do this in normal situations. Sometimes I just can't help but sing. And if the song is good, then it absolutely must be accompanied by dancing. So, since I already bust out in musical exhibitions at mildly inappropriate times, then I figure everyone else around me might as well join in.
Seriously though, wouldn't it be so cool if you were just walking around the grocery store and people started singing ballads about what they were buying and beboppin' around with their shopping carts? Or if you went to a soccer game and the people in the stands started singing about how much they love the sport? Or if I was walking around campus and backpack-clad students just started spontaneous dancing in Brigham Square.... ok, let's get real, I go to BYU, so that already happens on a weekly basis, maybe even daily. :) Anyway, yes, this would be so incredibly cheesy and logistically impossible for there to be choreographed songs and dances everywhere I went, but it is still worth the dream. If my life was a musical, even the terribly sad or disheartening things that happen couldn't be that bad. And so, despite the ridiculousness of the idea, I will continue to sing and dance in pretty much every situation I am placed in. It just can't be stopped, trust me, I've tried.

Side note: If my life WERE a musical, this is what my roommates and I would look like:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm a child at heart.

There are some things in this world that are fun no matter how old you get. Maybe I'm just immature, but there are many things that were tons of fun when I was a young lass, that I still enjoy excessively.

Puddle jumping and kite flying are two such things.

Also, walking around in the mud with bare feet. It's just so squishy.

Also, sticking my head out the window and yelling "SLURPEEEEEE!" on my way to 7-11.

Also, watching Pocahontas over and over again every day and never, NEVER getting sick of it.

But mostly puddle jumping and kite flying. I've done both within the last week or so, and they never get old. And they still hold their old exhilaration.
I will always be a child. At least on the inside

Monday, June 6, 2011

You caught me.

I've finally given in.
I never thought it would be me.
But I have now started a blog.
This is a big day. Momentous even.

I probably have more random thoughts than the average person.
Random is typically a good thing.

Opinions. I also have those.
I suppose that they will be shared in this here blog.
I think I approve.

Oh yeah. This is me--------->
I laugh. Kind of a lot.

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