Friday, October 26, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

No words.

A picture is worth a thousand words. So please just appreciate what the following say about my roommates.
Yeah, I kind of love them and stuff. No big deal. Oh and they're hilarious. And some of the best people I have ever met. Don't be jealous, though I wouldn't blame you.

Monday, October 22, 2012

I have come to the realization that I've reached that ripe point in my life where I am one of the older girls on campus. Let me tell you, I am not a fan. When I moved into my apartment complex, I looked at the girls who had been here 3 years and thought, "Wow! They are so old! I will never be boring like that when I'm a senior"
Well, look around folks. The time has come. I am a senior! In college! And don't worry about it, this is my third year living in the same apartment complex. I've become the old one! I'm approaching 4 years in this blasted place called Provo (I really do like Provo most of the time, occasionally however I just have moments of slight madness because I live in the bubble).
But you know what? Yesterday I received reassurance that I absolutely have not become one of the boring individuals that I so desperately feared becoming. My roommates and I are ridiculous. We do crazy things. We are hilarious and keep the neighbors up some nights because were laughing so hard and we are just complete entertainment for everyone, including ourselves.

The world didn't change, I changed.

I've learned a lot this past week or two. I may have fallen behind in my school work and not paid enough attention in classes, but life lessons have been learned, and sometimes it's okay for the other things to fall by the wayside for a bit.

I made a friend recently who has changed my view of world. He has taught me through his example what it means to be completely committed to your values and your standards. A lot of the people that I am surrounded by in my life know what is right and do it because that's what you do... not to say that they don't believe and are amazing people, it's just that they have never had to question their motives for the way they live their lives. But my friend has had to change his life around, and he has completely thought through every thing he does and consciously made the choice to live the way that he does. He has made me question WHY in pretty much every aspect of my life, and I've learned so much about myself. I can't rely on any other person to reason away my actions. I have come to KNOW what I believe and understand how those beliefs relate to my actions... Yeah, my whole perspective and approach to life has changed a bit. I'm loving it.

Also, I've been trying to understand and accept the Lord's timing in my life. Sometimes I just don't understand why I can't just know right now what I'm supposed to do and where I'm supposed to go in my life instead of trying to figure it out along the way. Things happen in life that are so frustrating and disheartening, and it's hard to see the purpose behind them. So I've been trying recently to just accept that I don't know everything and that God does. He has a plan for me, and it might not make sense to me right now, but it makes perfect sense to God and that it is just what I need. Having faith in His hand in my life and His love for me is what will help me to get through trials. Here's a video that we watched in my Living Prophets class yesterday and it was just what I needed:
"Don't demand things that are unreasonable, but demand of yourself improvement." Yes, yes, yes. Amen. Hallelujah. The End.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On October and what not.

Don't worry about it. October is my favorite month of the entire year. Fall colors are in full brilliance. My birthday. Football is just rockin all month long. Social acceptance of wearing costumes for an entire month straight. I always commend dressing like a complete fool. Halloween is one of the greatest holidays. October is just festive and smells good and I just can't handle how wonderful it is.

Oh yeah, and my new favorite color is orange. And orange is the color that epitomizes October.

I am so excited for my birthday and Halloween this year! Mostly Halloween. I have so many solidly good costume ideas; most center around the fact that my hair is huge and curly. I've taken advantage of that and dressed as Professor Trelawny way too many years in a row, and it is now time to expand my costume repertoire. I want some input on which costume I should choose, here's some of my current favorites.

Mrs. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus

Bellatrix Lestrange (I've done this before, but not for Halloween, and it was one of my favorite costumes ever)

Scary Spice - this would definitely be part of a roommate Spice Girl costume 

Pocahontas (I only want this one because she's my favorite. Let's get real, I look nothing like her.)

Any other ideas of what I should be for Halloween this year? Let's be serious here, I will probably end up choosing multiple costumes and hitting up a bunch of different Halloween parties! Work it!

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