Sunday, July 17, 2011

End of an Era

Let me take you back to a very long day in my life.
Last Thursday.

Now you see, I was reading a certain 7th book of the Harry Potter sort in preparation for a certain movie premiere. Well, I finished that book a day earlier than I was planning, which you can't blame me for because once they apparate into Hogsmeade, there is absolutely no point trying to shut the book. Anyway, needless to say, this filled my Thursday with quite a bit of anxiety. You see, at 12:01 that night I was going to be seated watching a movie I've been waiting many months, even years for.

After walking aimlessly around the house, watching ridiculous amounts of interviews with HP cast members, driving to the only party store in Utah that still had Harry Potter glasses in stock, and then attempting to make time pass faster by making playlists... finally 7 o'clock arrived. I was able to forget my listlessness for an hour while I sadly watched Ryan get kicked off of So You Think You Can Dance (I didn't particularly care that Alexander was gone too).

And finally at 8 o'clock arrived. I showered. I made my hair as huge as humanly possible (for the record, this is HUGE). I picked up Kui/Kendra/Cho. And then we prepared our costumes.

I have a bit of problem when I dress up. I am incapable of dressing up quickly or simply. I go all out.
So this is what happened (photo credit to Kendra. I stole off her FB):

Yes, I became Bellatrix Lestrange. It was quite a jump from my usual, and just as outrageous Professor Trelawny costume. I fear I may have frightened a few children, because along with going all out with the costume, I also stay in character. If you know anything about Bellatrix, you know she's terrifying, which is what makes her one of my favorite villains.

So we all got together at the theater and here is our motley crew:
We have a stunning Cho Chang, Bellatrix, super excited Hermione, an eccentric Sybill Trelawny, heroic-looking Neville, Harry Potter himself, and some type of Harry/Ron mix.

All in all, it was a successful pre-movie party.
Even more successful: the actual movie.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was most definitely my favorite HP movie. It was exciting and made me cry. Twice. It was a wonderful way to end that series and bring my childhood to a close. I love everything about Harry Potter. Especially Ron Weasley. And Neville Longbottom was looking quite attractive himself. How wonderful.


  1. Totally AWESOME! Seriously, I love that you dressed up...and look SO convincing:) Since I haven't read the books (yes my daughter reads them ALL before each movie too) it was all a surprise for us. Makes me now want to read the books. What a wonderful end to childhood:)

  2. That was you??!! You don't look like your self in that pic!
    You where bummed that Ryan was Kicked?! She just annoyed me! Melanie is my Favorite! :)

  3. You look real good! Guess what - there was a Harry Potter Premiere in Kampala - really! We have a mall here too, so there.

  4. Would the Harry/Ron mix still be considered a Muggle? Probably not, but judging by the looks of him... ;)

  5. Although I have no idea what you are talking about (never read the books) you look pretty great. I didn't know you dared show your shoulders quite honestly :) Does that black wash out or is this the new Jen?

  6. You look great! I agree that this was by far the best Harry Potter movie made and we loved all the other ones too. We were kind of sad when it was all over since Curtis and I have spent most of our married life reading the books together and enjoying the movies. I saw a youtube video the other day that made me think of you. Maybe you've already seen it but just in case you haven't, check it out:

    Anyway, Neville did look so much more grown up in this last movie like a man. But out of Neville and Ron, I definitely think you should snog Ron. HA HA!!! :)


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