Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sister Yoshi.

It's a really strange feeling when your best friend/roommate is old enough to open her mission call. That means she's 21. That means she's a full blown adult. That means that I'm older than I feel. Here's the story:

Kendra at 6:00: "I'm opening my mission call at 6:15!"
Kendra at 6:20: "I'm opening my mission call in half an hour!"
Kendra at 6:50: "They'll be here in 15 minutes, and then I can open my mission call!"
Kendra at 6:55: "5 more minutes! Ahhhhhhhhh!"
7:00 - Walbeck's arrive with the fated mission call.
7:01 - "Sis. Walbeck, you have been called to labor in the TOKYO, JAPAN MISSION!"
7:02 - Mass screaming ensues. Hugs are thrown about. Tears are shed.
7:03 - "Finish it! When do you leave?!"
"You will enter the Provo MTC on December 28!"
Mandy: "You won't miss the wedding! My heart almost stopped!"
The rest of the evening: Mass hysteria and happiness and phone calls and smiles and tears.

Sister Walbeck, You are the best roommate ever, and you will be the most amazing missionary. I love you. Go teach you some Asians and connect with your native country.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have an affinity for using periods in my writing.

That fabulous little piece of punctuation.

I am typically opposed to using exclamation marks, except on very special occasions, when something is worthy of more excitement than I usually posses towards life. So, moral of that story/tangent: pay close attention when I use exclamation marks.

Back to the real focus of this blog post. I love periods. I daresay the period is my favorite form of punctuation. I will admit that as much as I under-use the exclamation mark, I overuse the period. Though I can't say that this is necessarily a problem. I feel as though short, brief sentences ending in periods get my point across and portray how I speak. My speaking style being succinct, sarcastic, direct, and mildly hilarious. Obviously periods express this perfectly. I'm a fan.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sometimes I forget.

Sometimes I forget how much I love college.
Sometimes crazy things happen. Mostly because I'm crazy and I have crazy friends.
Sometimes we randomly go to 80's dances in Salt Lake, even though I have work at 8 the next morning.
Sometimes (or every night) we have roommate dinners that end up lasting for hours filled with laughter.
Sometimes we break into random song/dance in our apartment.
Sometimes Kui and I lay in bed to go to sleep at night and then end up talking for hours about life and everything.
Sometimes I see my brother on campus and we take a stroll around the library.
Sometimes we have game nights and die of laughter.
Sometimes we go to Spoon It Up and J-Dawgs way more than is healthy or financially feasible.
Sometimes I end up watching hulu instead of studying (ok, this is like everyday..).
Sometimes we do outrageously spontaneous things.
Sometimes I laugh so hard my abs start hurting.

Life is fabulous here. Until classes actually start... then I have a bit of a problem. That's when I remember why I was dreading returning to college. But alas, I endure the torture of homework and reading way more pages then I actually understand. All of the ridiculous, hilarious things make life beautiful, no matter how much work I have to do.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Sometimes grandparents come home from missions to Africa. This has happened to me twice. It was just as fabulous the second time.
I love when amazing, serving, loving, hilarious grandparents are back in Utah.
I also like when 90 year old great grandmothers take an extended vacation to Utah.
Mostly, I'm just a fan of grandparents. Specifically all of my grandparents.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

College Football.

Coming back to school is hard. I'm not a fan of homework and trying to get back into the groove of keeping up with classes. However, with the return of school in the fall, comes the return of football season. Specifically college football. This makes everything, including homework and tests, worth while.
I LOVE college football. Saturdays are the best because I just sit on my couch watching football games all day. Nothing can beat that.
I love me some football. I love cheering. I love watching talented players complete amazing plays. I love watching the underdog win. Mostly, I just love fall.

Do you know whats going down in about 2 hours?
BYU-Ole Miss.

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