Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An Ode to Jenna Bear

This is a Jennie Bean and a Jenna Bear.

She is my roommate and she is awesome. She is currently just being abroad in Scotland and I miss her ever so much. When we first started living together, we discovered so many ridiculous similarities between our lives. I seriously think that we've lived the same life and I don't know how we never met until last year!
Here are just some of our similarities:
  1. Her name is Jenna. My name is Jennie.
  2. Our full names sound almost exactly alike.
  3. Initials: JCL. JLC.
  4. When we first met, I put her number in my phone and randomly put her name as Jenna Bear without really thinking about it. I then found out that this as the only nickname she ever had growing up. We then discovered that she put my name as Jennie Bean, which is what my parents have called me my whole life.
    Basically, we inadvertently guessed each other's childhood nicknames.
    And they sound alike.
  5. Before we even knew each other, we both named our blogs the exact same thing. Check it.
  6. A couple years ago, she worked with a girl named Lacy (names have been change to protect the innocent)who always told her all about her fiance named Andrew. In high school, I dated a boy named Andrew who ended up marrying a girl named Lacy. Yeah, Jenna and I knew opposite halves of this couple.
    AND we were both at their wedding reception and probably saw each other before we ever even met!
  7. Both of our mothers are twins.
  8. I have grandparents named Farrell and Marilyn. She has grandparents named Gerald and Marilyn.
  9. We both lived in somewhat the same area for a couple of years and have memories from a lot of the same places: Iceberg shakes, camping, ice skating, etc.
  10. Her grandmother lives just a mile or so down the street from my parents house.
  11. Her tone-deaf grandmother used to sing her a weird song about a fat woman hugging and kissing all sorts of men... and once when she was telling us about it, I recognized as a song that my dad taught me when I was little about Chalkin and a-Huggin.
    What kind of weird coincidence is it that we both were taught this super odd song as children?!
    Here's a link to the version that Jenna's grandma sang:
12. We've been told that when I straighten my hair we look somewhat alike... So for Halloween, we dressed up as each other and we looked creepily similar:

13. There are just all sorts of small similarities that we have. It is seriously kind of terrifying. In the best way possible.

Being the sentimental human that I am, I have FINALLY made this blog post. She returns to me this weekend. God bless Scotland.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer slushes

My last post was called "Here at the end of all things" (a beautiful reference to a beautiful movie/book series that I sincerely hope you got). I honestly did not mean for that to legitimately be my last post on my blog, but recent months have proved that to be the case. I have been so busy and having so much fun that I have no had time to blog in nearly 2 months. For shame.

But now I'm back.
You're welcome.

This summer has been all sorts of eventful and I have loved it! I probably won't recap most of it, but don't you worry, you will most certainly be receiving pictures and updates from my trip to the UK. It was AMAZING!
And when I haven't been abroad, I've been making new friends and playing oodles of volleyball and eating lots of Sonic slushes and going on hikes and doing tons of adventuring and reading good books. Overall, it has been so perfect. Love me some summer.
Though I must say, it is the absolute weirdest feeling not to be in classes. Disregarding holiday breaks, I have been in classes for the last two years straight with no breaks. So now that I am all of the sudden done, I just don't know what to do with myself. So much beautiful freedom!
Moral of the story: I'm back and rearing to go and ready to blog and tell you all of my opinions and about all of my adventures.
Life is so good.

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