So I was going to do a blog post of funny things that I've heard people say, but I hear new funny things everyday, so I am now putting them here so I can add to it as life goes on. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

"I think this last round is going to be electrifying! Oh my word. I'm gonna have a sore throat!" - British announcer during the discus final in the Olympics

"It's the power of cheese... Cheese moves people." Tim Walker, the Head Cheese at the LA Grilled Cheese Invitational

"I'm Danny Potter. I know I look more like a Weasley than a Potter." - Red Head introducing himself on the first day of class

"I wish I was young and spry like a winter trout." -Gimps

"I'm just going to curl up in that corner. Fertile style." - Amberbamber (Meaning to say the fetal position. Clearly.)

"There's an abundance of Dallin's in Utah and all the Dallin's I've ever met have been miserable." - Overheard at work

"Have I ever told you that I have a major fear that one day I'm just going to die when I'm alone in my apartment and my cat will eat my body?" - A girl on the phone on campus

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